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Madrid, 22-23 Nov
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How long since you had two days to yourself?

Commit is a conference that showcases all aspects of IT development with Spanish speakers, from software development techniques to Big Data, Cloud or ML. It will happen at Universidad San Pablo CEU in Madrid, on November 22-23.

It is way too easy to get carried away by the daily crunch, and get confort in the routine of the well-known. We are all vaguely aware of our growing technical debt, but who has the time to research and fix that.

Commit is a two-day break to stop and think, that time of the year where we sit down and discuss new ideas around software development, parking our existing projects for a moment. To start from scratch, and see what we get from there. Commit is your opportunity to grow by attending talks, and workshops, and unconference sessions, just so you can later come back home with something that was not there when you left. It's an event to meet old and new friends, and discuss your projects for the next year.

Seriously, when was the last time you had two days to yourself.

Send Your Talk The Call for Papers is Open Tickets Tickets are available from april 22th Diversity Tickets Application deadline: September 30th

Send Your Talk
Send Your Talk

The Call for Papers is Open

If there is something that keeps you awake at night, you don't need to be an expert to share it. Get involved and send your talk to become a part of Commit.

Tech SHEssions

At Commit we believe in diversity in STEM. Unfortunately, the participation by women in software-related events is smaller that it could be. For this reason two years ago we started Tech SHEssions, a program to help technical women to leave the imposter syndrome behind and participate more actively in our communities. To read more about the Tech SHEssions program, click here.
Tech SHEssions
Our Communities
Our Communities


Universidad San Pablo CEU, Campus de Montepríncipe. Boadilla del monte, Madrid ·

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