The team

Who organizes Commit?

Commit is an event managed by a team of women, men, Canary Islanders, Italians, Galicians, Germans, nerds, Excel addicts, Android and iPhone fans... That's a total of five people.

Laura Vignali: The spreadsheet hacker that keeps this boat afloat. She says that she likes salad and fruit, but we know it's hard to say no to chocolate.


Abraham Otero: Once rowed a boat alone in Costa Rica in a river with cocodriles. Codes in Java because it's sexy, and does not care much about your opinion on that.

Janine Lee: The most organized polyglot on the face of the earth. Motherhood is a children's game for her.

Ignacio Coloma: He knows how to break things with computers. He talks a lot. His son knows how to break things without computers.


Carlos Coloma: Otaku level god. Addicted to sports. When it is not with either of the two things, programs.

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